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CourseAvenue believes the mobile learning world is too complicated, too full of caveats, and frankly too full of marketing hype.  What’s missing is large-scale development of “anytime, anywhere” access to learning content. 

If you feel this way and want to cut through the clutter and build a true eLearning course that can be accessed by anyone using a desktop, phone, or tablet – you have come to the right place!

Join us starting January 22, 2013 for the first session in the Mobile Learning Development Workshop series.

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Learning Outcomes
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To get you on the road to mobile learning development, the Workshop is organized into three parts:

1. Teach: You will gain firsthand knowledge of fundamental concepts in mobile learning and working knowledge of the technologies behind mobile learning.

2. Coach: We will work with you one-on-one to assess your content and understand and determine a mobile strategy that works for your needs.

3. Build: Armed with your new knowledge, you will build content that is AICC/SCORM conformant and accessible from both the desktop and mobile devices that will enable learners to start a course on one device and continue where they left off on another!

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Teach Topics
In the Teaching stage of the workshop, we will cover the following topics:

  • Background and Industry Update
    • The evolution of mobile learning and how it affects existing eLearning programs
    • Separating "buzz" from reality
    • A perspective on the recent findings of Josh Bersin and Elliot Masie that show mass hype, mass confusion, and little practical application
  • Mobile Learning Fundamentals
    • Why is this so difficult?
    • Learning with mobile devices and mobile learning – what's the difference?
    • Mobile and Media
    • HTML versus HTML5 (or why is/was Flash so popular)
    • HTML5 versus Native Applications
    • How Flash still fits in and what to do next 
  • The LMS Challenge
    • What role can/does/should your LMS play in the mobile world
    • How does SCORM fit in or not fit in? What about the Project TinCan and what is the Experience API?
  • Your Turn
    • "Try this" – conduct a variety of experiments to demonstrate HTML/HTML5 and browser interactions
  • Making Mobile Migration
    • Demonstration of a "universal" course (supports mobile and desktop delivery) with cross-device bookmarking, multi-media, and assessments
    • A road-map for participants to move into the mobile world
    • Next steps and scheduling of Coaching Sessions

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Learning Outcomes
As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will gain:

  • Sound grasp of the fundamentals of mobile technology, including an understanding of:
    • HTML5 vs. Native Applications
    • New role of Browser
    • Media Considerations
    • Where Flash fits in
    • Impact on the LMS
  • An understanding of tools that can be used to build mobile solutions
  • Practical working knowledge in building a mobile course
  • A course that can launch on any device to demonstrate your mobile capability!

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Who Should Attend?

  • E-Learning Professionals
  • Anyone interested in practical solutions to mobile learning
    • You do not need to be an advanced programmer, but knowledge in basic navigation of computers is helpful
    • For media creation, a working knowledge of a variety of media tools (e.g. iMovie for video or Audacity for audio) is helpful as well
  • Anyone seeking education on mobile delivery and wants to see what can be done

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Who Should Not Attend?

  • Do NOT attend if you are looking for a class on how to program HTLM5 or build native applications

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This workshop will be broken down into three session. The first session will be with a group and will cover education on mobile learning topics and features. The second session will include individual meeting times to discuss your specific content for mobile readiness. The third session will bring the group back together to regroup on what was learned in the process and highlight the courses that were created.

Session 1:

  •  Group Session on January 22, 2013 from 9-11am CST and 2-4pm CST

Session 2 + Office Hours:

  • Individual Session (to be scheduled the following week) from 9-11am CST and 2-4pm CST scheduled individually with participants
  • This includes two office-hour sessions to be used as needed. These will be one hour each.

Session 3:

  • Get back together with the group share experiences
  • Talk through what came up in the hands-on process and how it was handled
  • Show off the end results!

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Logistics & The Fine Print
The focus of the workshop is to provide participants with practical working experience in mobile learning development. By using participants' own content, the goal is to let participants see samples in a mobile context. This workshop is not meant to replace a complete courseware development effort. Again, the goal will be to educate and produce a proof-of-concept and/or a "sampler" course using the participants' content.

If participants cannot use their own content, content will be provided. As far as participants' own content, the expectation is for approximately 20 pages of content and/or assessment questions and up to 15 media items. If the content is already in course form (e.g. an existing eLearning course), then the assets such as text, media items, and other formatting can be leveraged in a variety of ways. The schedule above outlines the hours included in each session.

The workshop price includes a 60 day license to use CourseAvenue Studio for use after completion of the workshop.  After the 60 days, participants can continue their subscription or just keep the published course created during the workshop.

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The workshop is priced at $1,595 (USD). After registering via the link below, payment is arranged via credit card, check, or Purchase Order.

Save $100 if you sign up before December 31, 2012.

For groups of three or more that sign up, the price is $1295.

*The workshop will be done virtually, so no travel expense is required.

Sign Me Up!
If you are an existing CourseAvenue Studio customer, the program is slightly modified, and you can sign up at using the existing clients link.

If you are NOT an existing CourseAvenue customer - sign up here! using our GoToWebinar registration form.  After your registration, we will contact you to arrange payment.

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