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Company Description

CourseAvenue provides expert direction and guidance to our clients in a wide range of situations where learning strategy and execution are critical for success. Since 2003, we have specialized in delivering reliable solutions designed to enable organizational initiatives and drive business results.

  • Developing, converting, and remediating e-Learning courses, including courses that comply with the requirements of both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508
  • Helping our clients design and implement a process, including technology, to develop custom e-Learning courses themselves
  • Helping our clients analyze their business needs and develop an effective training strategy
  • Helping our clients choose and implement an effective and affordable learning management system (LMS)

CourseAvenue's team of learning professionals includes software developers, instructional designers, multi-media developers, project managers, learning / performance consultants, and a dedicated, in-house customer support team.

Markets Served

Embracing the most innovative practices in e-Learning, CourseAvenue provides software and services to some of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, Middle Market businesses, non-profit organizations, and a variety of US Government agencies.

Corporate customers include Cisco Systems, General Dynamics, Forest Research Institute and many others. Government agencies using our software include the USDA, and DOT/FAA; additional government customers include the VA and the DOD. A few of our not-for-profit customers include Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU).

Section 508 e-Learning Expertise

CourseAvenue is the recognized leader and offers the most advanced software and services available to develop, convert, and remediate e-Learning courses that comply with the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 508).

Beginning in 2006, CourseAvenue invested nearly three years to redesign its e-Learning course development software (CourseAvenue Studio) to incorporate the requirements of the ADA and Section 508. As a result of that redesign effort, CourseAvenue Studio is the only commercially available e-Learning course development software that allows users to automatically create e-Learning courses that meet the accessibility and usability requirements of the ADA and Section 508.

As opposed to relying on each and every developer to interpret and apply Section 508 standards, important standards are built into our player. CourseAvenue's Accessibility Player provides the foundation for developers to adhere to standards, allowing course authors and subject matter experts to focus on course content, not government requirements.


  • CourseAvenue Studio©: Web-based software for the development of e-Learning content (authoring tool and development platform)
  • CourseAvenue Deliver©: Web-based platform that allows you to provide CourseAvenue Studio-developed e-Learning courses to your learners with the ability to launch, bookmark, and track progress.
  • CourseAvenue Analyze©: Web-based course analysis software for analyzing the results of exams developed within your CourseAvenue Studio-developed courses.


Section 508 e-Learning Development & Conversion Services

CourseAvenue Learning Services works with organizations to create Section 508 validated e-Learning. The e-Learning may be a remediation effort that converts legacy content into an updated and validated format, or new development of e-Learning courseware. Our services leverage a collaborative development environment and the pre-built Accessibility Player.

Traditional e-Learning Development and Conversion Services

Each course we develop has professional instructional design techniques woven throughout the entire development process, from planning to authoring to development, and finally through testing and final review. From short PowerPoint presentations to multi-day instructor-led courses, we work with our clients to convert existing content into sound online training modules. We take into consideration the audience, the training topics and the ultimate goals of the training when designing courses for our clients.

e-Learning Needs Assessment

Whether your organization is completely new to e-Learning or already owns content in a variety of technologies, CourseAvenue's Needs Assessment services can help you go from the unknown down the road to an effective online training program. Benefits include:

  • Optimize existing training efforts and resources
  • Match and align learning technology with strategic initiatives and business goals
  • Uncover additional audiences, revenue streams, and distribution channels
  • Define options for a blended learning approach
CourseAvenue, LLC
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