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Accessible e-Learning

The ADA and Section 508 were enacted by the US federal government to eliminate barriers in information technology—including e-Learning. The intent is to make new opportunities available for people with disabilities, and to encourage technologies like CourseAvenue's Accessibility Player that help achieve these goals. The Canadian AODA and the UK's DDA share this goal.

Accessibility Can Complicate e-Learning Course Development

Making the interactions between web browsers, adaptive technology (e.g., screen readers), learning content, and an LMS (Learning Management System) work together can complicate development of accessible e-Learning courses. A course player with built-in accessibility provides a shorter and easier path for organizations to provide a single course that is accessibility compliant training content and usable by all learners—including those with disabilities

Compliance Can Be Challenging

All too often, interpretation of ADA, Section 508, AODA, and DDA requirements is left to individual developers on a course by course basis, risking costly mistakes and non-compliance. Limitations on creativity and design are imposed when the intricacies of programming Flash for use with adaptive technology is required by those unfamiliar with this ever-changing technology.

An organization must avoid these issues and meet compliance requirements.

An Accessible Course Player Helps Prevent Compliance Issues

A course player with built-in accessibility provides the foundation for developers to adhere to standards, allowing course authors and subject matter experts to focus on course content, not government requirements.

By embedding accessibility compliance capability directly into the course player, course authors and subject matter experts can focus on course content, not government requirements. This provides the course developer with a faster path to providing Section 508 compliant accessible courses.

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