Mobile Accessibility Suite

The one-stop development and delivery solution for enabling mobile accessibility.

How many users are missing out on your message simply because it isn’t available on a mobile device for users that desire accessible and assisted solutions?

How many learners are you failing to reach because your LMS is inaccessible or incapable of launching mobile content? If you’re struggling with either of these questions or ones like them, CourseAvenue’s Mobile Accessibility Suite is here to help. We can assist with everything from instructional design, media development or straight content conversions.

Below is a tablet displaying CourseAvenue’s content delivery system, and a smartphone displaying an eLearning course.

Tablet displaying CourseAvenue’s content delivery system, and a smartphone displaying an eLearning course.



●  Have you struggled with mobile and/or accessible eLearning creation? With a
    focus on non-programmer creation and editing, CourseAvenue Studio is what
    you are looking for.
●  If you have programming talent, they are welcome to use our advanced API 
    and/or widget integration tools, but it is not required.
●  Web-based and team centered authoring means quick deployment, without 
    desktop software to install.
●  If you have your own mobile delivery technology, eLeanring is all AICC & 
    SCORM conformant.

●  CourseAvenue’s Deliver software is mobile ready and accessible.
●  Deliver offers complete eLearning delivery with user bookmarking, scoring,
    completion status reporting, transcript generation, etc.
●  User self-account creation and auto-enrollment features are also built-in.

Accessibility FAQ’s
●  Can the Mobile Accessibility Suite make any content accessible?
    No. Anyone that claims to have a “magic bullet” is very questionable.

●  How does the Mobile Accessibility Suite work?
    CourseAvenue provides an accessible framework, easy-to-use editor and
    import tools to enable large-scale content development. For example,
    you can import a PowerPoint presentation and begin editing the text,
    graphics, layout, etc. As you are doing so, CourseAvenue is adjusting the
    accessibility dynamically.

●  How is this different from other products?
    We implemented the broadest set of accessibility components into our core
    technology. Therefore, anyone wanting to edit content does not have to delve
    into the details, such as deciding where and when to use the “aria-lable” versus
    alt-text versus the button-text on any given device with any browser? This allows
    you focus on your content, while CourseAvenue takes care of the accessibility
    and mobile details.

Contact Us

For additional information or to talk with a Mobile Accessibility Suite specialist, please contact us.

Technical Notes

Development of Mobile content leverages CourseAvenue's adaptive HTML5-based player technology. With native browser support, pre-built page layouts, PowerPoint import/conversion utility, your content will look great on mobile devices leveraging native device accessibility.

In 2008 CourseAvenue's "Accessibility Player" broke the mold for creating Flash-based accessible eLeanring. Other tools achieve accessibility via "developer dependence," our Accessibly Player has built-in accessibility technology. While you focus on your content, our technology handles the accessibility.

The underlying Accessibility Player technology has been adapted for HTML5 delivery including, but not limited to, accessible media controls, closed captioning support, and custom accessible widgets. Therefore, you do NOT have to be a programmer to build accessible mobile content.

Mobile learning is "all the rage," but what if you have to support desktop access too? No problem. For desktops that can't support HTML5 (e.g. Internet Explorer 8), you can also deliver the content to them using a standard Flash technology (which is also Accessible) with both HTML5 and Flash technologies bundled into 1 package. LMS - Course

The Mobile Accessibility Suite leverages the CourseAvenue Deliver LMS, a lightweight eLearning tracking system that is accessible and mobile friendly out-of-the-box. Customize with your own logo, colors and contact information and you are ready to go.

If you want more detailed tracking CourseAvenue Analyze module, has the ability to track individual learner responses to all assessments, quizzes, tests and survey's.

Administrators can track enrollments, student progress, and completions from an easy-to-use administrative platform. Even further administrators can run a number of standard reports, exporting the data to Excel for further analysis.

Learners have the ability to create their own accounts, enroll in courses and launch content from any device. In addition, learners can start a course on one device and finish on any other device.

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