CourseAvenue Studio: Authoring Tool for Section 508-compliant e-Learning

Unsurpassed Usability and Section 508 Accessibility

Our approach to accessible e-Learning development is to embed compliance and usability into the software itself. With accessibility standards built-in, courses comply without additional work.

Although it's not specifically required under the law, we believe in the value of "One Course for All Learners". All learners, regardless of physical ability, can use the course while complying with Section 508 "equivalent facilitation" provision.

  • No need for separate "accessible" versions of each course
  • Faster, less costly development
  • Eliminates costly updates of several versions
  • Eliminates out-of-sync versioning issues

Our customers find the following types of features built into CourseAvenue Studio and our Accessibility Player:

Keyboard and Navigation Accessibility Features

Keyboard Navigation Maximize ease of course navigation with adaptive technologies for the blind or physically disabled; maximize control of layout design.
Keyboard Shortcuts Enhanced keyboard use for the blind or physically disabled; defined for most buttons.
Keyboard Media Controls Most video and audio buttons have defined keyboard shortcuts for accessible keyboard use.
Labeled Form Controls Push buttons, radio buttons, and checkboxes are identified by adaptive technology and behave in a manner consistent with standards compliant web pages.
Accessible Course Menu Course menu available to the learner at all times via the Menu button.

Text, Image, and Link Accessibility Features

Audio Transcript Displays the audio of any narrated page as text for the hearing impaired learner; displays the audio of any narrated page as text for the blind learner using a screen reader.
Alternate Text for Images These "hints" for screen readers enhance the comprehension of pages and questions, without affecting the visual look of the pages.
In-text Hyperlinks Keyboard and screen reader accessible hyperlinks for the blind or physically disabled.
Differentiated Hyperlinks URLs, media links, and glossary term links are different from one another and are keyboard and screen reader accessible.
Glossary Hot Links Glossary links bring learner directly to the specific glossary term.

Advanced Usability and Accessibility Features

High-Contrast Color Schemes Provides visually pleasing aesthetics to sighted learners while remaining completely accessible to non-visual learners.
Secondary Access Windows Learners using a screen reader can easily access course tools, help files and glossary terms.
Screen Reader Maximized Provides logical, predictable progress through a course.

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