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Legacy Course Conversion

CourseAvenue uses a combination of automated technology and e-Learning experts to quickly migrate legacy courses to a standards-based e-Learning platform.

Illustration of course conversion service.

Legacy courses (1) are converted to open format assets (2) that are published as stand-alone e-Learning courses (3).

Convert Old, Legacy Courses into Next-Generation e-Learning Courses

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  4. Docent Outliner
  5. DVD's
  6. Multilingual Unicode Character Set
  7. And more!

Future-Proofed So You Won't Be "Trapped" Again

Courses converted by CourseAvenue will be formatted in the XML open standard for easy reuse and future-proofing. Media assets used by the courses will be in an easily accessed folder.

Seven Benefits of Converting Legacy Content or Courses

  1. Saves Your Investment — Courses converted by CourseAvenue unlock years' worth of e-Learning development. Content is moved from a proprietary, desktop authoring paradigm into the next generation — an open, web-based learning content authoring system (LCMS).
  2. LMS Compatibility — Courses converted by CourseAvenue run in any SCORM or AICC conformant Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Saba, Plateau, SumTotal, and many others.
  3. Proprietary Plug-Ins Eliminated — Courses converted by CourseAvenue do not require proprietary plug-ins to run.
  4. Ease of Editing and Maintenance — Courses converted by CourseAvenue are editable and maintainable anytime, anywhere via a web browser.
  5. Reusability of Assets — Courses converted by CourseAvenue have a reusable media library to utilize all existing learning assets.
  6. Collaborative Development — CourseAvenue's authoring software provides a complete collaborative capability to facilitate further development efforts by all of your course contributors (authors, subject matter experts (SME's), instructional designers, media experts, etc.).

Free Course Conversion Needs Assessment

The course conversion system starts with a free consultation to assess the current situation. Based on this assessment, an action plan is developed that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

We'll Help You Avoid Common Mistakes and Protect Your Bottom Line

We will plan the details of file and data conversions a successful transition requires. Our experts will simplify the conversion process and reduce the costs and headaches you might otherwise encounter. We will help you budget the time and money needed to succeed.

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