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Anytime you build something, an important part of the project is selecting the best tools for the job. The same is true for building e-Learning. As you begin researching the authoring tools available to you, be sure to keep in mind the following:

  1. Existing and source content. Where is the content coming from? If you're currently using PowerPoint and you hope to convert (and improve) existing content for use in your courses, your authoring tool should have a PPT importer or conversion utility.
  2. Developer's skill level. Who on your team will be building your e-Learning content? Are they graphic designers, Microsoft Office users, Flash programmers? Different authoring tools require different skill levels to be used effectively. Beware of steep learning curves and make sure the tool you select can be used by your team.
  3. Standards requirements. If your courses will be delivered to your Learners on a Learning Management System (LMS), either now or in the future, make sure the authoring tool publishes courses that conform with the same standards as your LMS (such as SCORM or AICC). If your organization has a requirement or a desire to provide accessible (Section 508 compliant) courses to your Learners, your authoring tool should allow you to easily create compliant courses.
  4. Multimedia Use. Are you planning to include Flash animations and interactions (SWF files) in your courses? Will you be including videos or other types of multimedia? Your authoring tool should allow you to easily load these types of assets for use in your courses.
  5. Team-based versus Individual Developer. Very few e-Learning projects are developed from start to finish by one person. Modern authoring tools allow for collaboration throughout the entire process.

Additionally, your research should include a strong focus on the support provided by the authoring tool provider. e-Learning requirements are constantly changing and the software you choose should keep up with the market, ensuring that you will be provided with modern tools now and in the future.

Include CourseAvenue Studio in your authoring tool search

CourseAvenue Studio is a revolutionary course authoring solution that delivers a collaborative e-Learning platform. Courseware built with CourseAvenue is SCORM/AICC compliant, ensuring that the courses will work with your Learning Management System (LMS).

Learn more about CourseAvenue Studio using the links available in the left column at the top of this page.

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