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Beyond what mLearning is or is not

There has been a lot written trying to define what mLearning is or what it is not. While that is fine for discussion, the following chart summarizes practical key requirements for those interested in creating, publishing and delivering device-independent eLearning.

What you want

CourseAvenue's OneCourse  Solution for Mobile Learning

The alternative

An easy way to migrate from Flash-based content to mobile-friendly, HTML5-based content.

Seamlessly move between Flash-based or HTML5-based player technology – or have both at the same time.

Flash-based media objects can be automatically swapped for an alternative media when a course runs on non-Flash supported devices.

Navigate a myriad of SWF conversion tools, start re-doing courses using new templates and/or learn CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc.


One module that will run on phones, tablets, desktops, or Smart TV’s, with different resolutions, screen sizes, and orientation options.

Now you can take a course as one complete module, playable on any given device. Users can choose what parts of the course they want to take on which device(s).


Custom code for each device – relying on any number of templates for any given course on any given device. 

In this approach, you end up having to decide which content goes on any given device. The custom-sized course that looks fine on a tablet won’t fit on a phone. The custom-sized phone course then is not very useable on the desktop.

Doing the math: If you have 4 devices to support and 20 modules to deploy, you may find yourself now managing 80 different chunks of content!

Track use of the content across devices and enable book marking, course progress, completion, and assessment scoring regardless of where the content is played.

Start on your desktop at work, continue where you left off on your phone, then finish at home with your tablet. One course, consistent tracking everywhere!

If you have a tablet version, a desktop version, and a SmartPhone version, they will each be different titles, making it impossible to track and bookmark across the devices.

Leverage my LMS…or give me a mobile delivery solution!

If your LMS does not support access to a catalog, you can use another one of our core products -- CourseAvenue’s ultra-light, mobile-accessible Deliver LMS -- to support your LMS on mobile devices.

Set your LMS aside and launch your mobile content “over here.”

When on a smart device, support its features…

OneCourse adapts to each device. When on a touch-enabled device, the next page button is now a swipe gesture, and the zoom is a pinch. On a desktop, the traditional navigation tools you are used to remain in place.

If you build device-specific content, it's assumed that a developer could theoretically enable smart-device features.  This is only possible if the authoring software has truly been updated for mobile abilities. If the authoring software relies simply on HTML, the device features are not likely supported.


Enable non-programmers to create, edit, and maintain content that can be deployed across any number of devices.

Cloud-based, role-enabled authoring. 

Doesn't allow non-programmers to contribute to the development process other than via email or PowerPoint.  Rather, they rely solely on those technical enough to understand the intricacies of iOS, Android, HTML5, video formats, etc.

Enable programmers to do their thing.

We are built upon a philosophy of extensibility, API’s, and 3rd Party tool integration (e.g. Adobe Edge).

Most other tools require a programmer background so all content development requires someone with a developer background to code.


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