OneCourse Solution for Mobile Learning: FAQ

What makes CourseAvenue different?

Most mLearning solutions rely on equipping individual developers to produce a mobile version of content to run on either Flash or HTML5.  While that may work well on a small scale or for one course on a specific device, it does not solve the problem.  For a solution that works with multiple users, platforms (both HTML and Flash), and devices, CourseAvenue provides five key differentiators.  Our proprietary OneCourse technology, via cloud-based authoring and collaboration, enables groups of people to work together to do the following:

    1. Create and published one course for both Flash and HTML5 (mobile) delivery. Using our OneCourse technology, it will run a program on Flash when launched using a non-HTML5 device (e.g. those that use most versions of Internet Explorer).  If users want to continue the course on their mobile tablets or phones, they can pick up where they left off, and the course will run using HTML5.  Of course, when they are using the HTML5 version on a gesture-enabled device, they can forget the next button and just swipe!

    2. Publish a single mobile version of the course for all devices.  Many mLearning solutions use a device template, meaning they are specifically formatted courses for an iPhone or tablet independently.  That's great, but what happens if you want to have the course available on multiple devices?  Well, using OneCourse, content (text, graphics, audio, video, full assessments, etc.) will be rendered across the devices using a single, platform-independent, standards-based technology.  This way you can start a course on the desktop, continue on the phone, and finish on a table -- seamlessly.

    3. Best-of-breed integration.  The HTML5 interaction world is rapidly changing and will be evolving for years to come.  Using a set of integration tools, developers can integrate HTML5 interaction using a variety of other tools as well.  For example, developers may use Adobe's Edge to create an interaction and integrate it directly into a CourseAvenue course.

    4. Simultaneous Flash and HTML5 Interaction support.  Trying to figure out a Flash animation transition plan? Any Flash animation can be converted to an HTML5 Alternative that will be shown automatically to anyone accessing the course using a non-Flash supported device.  

    5. Mobile Content Management.  Beyond the creation of mobile content, our other core product, CourseAvenue Studio©, is mobile-enabled to let you do everything from update an HTML page to publish a course, right from your mobile device.

What if I want to build device-specific content using CourseAvenue?

You have the freedom to build a fixed version of your content for a specific device. Maybe you are targeting a very specific group of people that only use one device. We can work with that as well.

What's wrong with a device-specific template approach to mobile learning?

While building a tablet-specific version of a course may seem like a reasonable idea, it actually raises a number of tough questions.How do you decide which content goes where? What if someone without a tablet needs this information?  How should you divide current content to have some tablet-compatible and some not?  If you take pieces of a course and make it tablet-accessible, how do you reflect this in the LMS? Is the tablet version a separate title? Should you create an additional phone version? Will every device specific version be a different course in the LMS?  CourseAvenue’s OneCourse technology answers all of these questions, providing one learning delivery platform across any number of devices, all with a single, standards-based, unified technology.

What does it take to create content? 

It only takes a web-browser to create content.  Using CourseAvenue Studio’s cloud-based authoring software, anyone from subject matter experts to advanced programmers can work together to create and manage your content.  While the non-technical person can easily add and maintain content using a simple, web-based editor, those with software development skills can use any number of third party tools (e.g. Adobe Edge) to expand on CourseAvenue’s platform.

What about Content Management from a mobile device?

It's in there.  For example, if you need to publish a course while you're on the go, OneCourse allows you to login to CourseAvenue Studio from your phone, find your course, and publish right away! If you need to make a quick update to an HTML page from your tablet, you can re-publish as needed. 

What about PowerPoint?

Users can import their PowerPoint presentations and easily publish for mobile delivery.  Once imported, the PowerPoint text and graphics can be fully edited, and the page layouts can be changed, without going back to PowerPoint.  The completed content can then be published using OneCourse.

What about my delivery through my LMS?

CourseAvenue supports AICC and SCORM-based communications; therefore assuming your LMS can launch AICC and/or SCORM content, the mobile courses can be loaded into your LMS like any other course.   For LMS’s that cannot support mobile clients (e.g. the LMS does not support someone logging in from their iPhone), CourseAvenue offers a mobile friendly “mini-LMS” that can be used to launch, track, and report on student progress.

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