Sense-Able Technology 

In order to allow platform independence (can run on both Flash and HTML5) and empower users to operate any sort of device, CourseAvenue developed Sense-Able technology that creates one course that can work on any device. It makes sense to support multiple devices using both Flash and HTML5 for the same content.  Why waste time and money creating multiple versions of a course to support desktops as well as any number of mobile devices? Making one course that works on all devices is the logical solution.

CourseAvenue Sense-Able allows one piece of content to do a variety of things:
  1. Sense the capabilities of the user and dynamically render content using either a Flash or HTML5-based technology.  

    In other words, you can support desktop users using Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 and mobile users on their Apple or Android devices using the same piece of content. This enables users to begin a course on their desktop and pick up where they left off using their phone.
  2. Sense if the current browser should display Flash-based or HTML5 interactions, again, without changing the content.

    Flash-based users will see Flash objects and HTML5 users will see any HTML5 alternative media you provide.  What about browsers that support Flash and HTML5 (e.g. Desktop Safari)? They will see whatever media you specify.
  3. Sense the devices capabilities to enable gestures on gesture-supporting devices.

    Allows users to swipe in order to navigate the content when they launch the course using a gesture-enabled device.

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