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CourseAvenue Analyze©

How effective is your eLearning?  How do you measure learner know-how and/or satisfaction?  

  • Analyze  is LMS independent and a companion to CourseAvenue studio that augments AICC and SCORM communications to enable detailed tracking of learner interaction responses.

  •  What is "detailed tracking?"   Here are two quick examples:

    • "The Analyze report shows that 85% of people are missing Question 4.  I think we need to re-word that question".  

    • "According to the learner analysis report, John Q. Learner spent an average of 3 minutes and 15 seconds per question and still failed the exam.  Maybe we need to look at how the objectives of the course fit into the exam".

  • SCORM and AICC are fine for reporting a "course score".  But what about comparing results of an un-scored pre-assessment to the final exam?  This is just one place Analyze  will help as it can track every response from the learners allowing you to quickly determine the effectiveness of your course content.  

  • Learner Satisfaction.  Are you assessing what learners think about your courses?  How are you doing it today?  Many times we see eLearning courses that at the end have a link to some external survey.  Why send your learners outside when you can have a satisfaction survey built right into the course?  Maybe even only allow completion of the course IF the learner completes a survey?

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Quick Look

Deliver - QuickLook

Analyze: Unlocking learner data

Easy to add to any course:

  • Just check the track question responses box on any assessment or survey.

  • Analyze works will all question types and pre-built survey questions  


Analyze works in the background

  • Unless you inform your learners, tracking goes on un-detected

  • Will track multiple versions of questions for comparison purposes.


Simple yet powerful reporting options

  • More than a half-dozen pre-built reports.

  • Drill-down reporting wizard for selecting course, assessments, learner, date ranges, etc. 

  • Print, export to HTML or Excel for even more extensive data analysis

Feature List Summary

Key Features of Analyze

  • Fully hosted, eliminating in-house server and IT staff resource requirements

  • Web-based training for administrators

  • Custom site branding; custom report options

  • Administrator reporting by learner, course, exam, and question

  • Date and time stamp for each answered question

  • Learner tracking of assessment scores

  • Report data export to Microsoft Excel

  • Data backup services

  • Scalable - easily fits the needs of both large and small organizations

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