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CourseAvenue Analyze is an add-on software component to CourseAvenue Studio that provides metrics around each exam question your Learners complete in courses developed using CourseAvenue Studio.

By reviewing response data captured and stored in our hosted database, our Analyze clients are able to determine the effectiveness of assessments in their courses. The results can also help determine if the content of a course requires review and revisions when, for example, a large number of Learners get the same question wrong.


Key Features of CourseAvenue Analyze

  • Fully hosted, eliminating in-house server and IT staff resource requirements

  • Web-based training for administrators

  • Custom site branding; custom report options

  • Administrator reporting by Learner, course, exam, and question

  • Date and time stamp for each answered question

  • Learner tracking of assessment scores

  • Report data export to Microsoft Excel

  • Data backup services

  • Scalable - easily fits the needs of both large and small organizations

Efficient and Cost-effective e-Learning

Cost savings are achieved as you use Analyze to identify ways in which you can sharpen and improve your e-Learning, thereby making it more efficient and cost effective.

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