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eLearning Content
Syndication Manager

Accelerate the Production of Section 508 Compliant eLearning at Scale Through Content Sharing and Syndication.

Leverage hundreds of high-impact and accessible eLearning courses from other federal agencies and departments. Spend less time on eLearning course development by customizing and personalizing existing Section 508-compliant content from different agencies. 

Introducing CourseAvenue’s enhanced Syndication Manager.
CourseAvenue offers a courseware Syndication Manager that allows organizations to share, brand, personalize, and edit syndicated courses.

To make a course available to others, a CourseAvenue user (called a “contributor”) simply saves their content as a syndicated template others can use. With CourseAvenue’s Syndication Manager, eLearning teams can find existing accessible eLearning courseware they need, copy, customize, and then go live without getting stuck in typical design and development cycles that create workflow bottlenecks. 

Pre-built shareable content provides the perfect starting point for building Section 508-compliant eLearning content. Instead of starting from scratch, teams can recoup valuable hours and create more content faster through sharing, customization, and personalization.

Courseware reuse is relatively straightforward, with simple use cases, including:


  • ...replace agency branding, colors, and logos

  • ...update the Welcome and Introduction page(s) with department information

  • ...swap out one case study for another

  • ...replace the contact information if people have questions

  • ...replace the “attached .pdf” with our document instead of yours

CourseAvenue Syndication Manager Features: 


  • Design for Reuse: Design courses to be adopted and customized by others, making it simple for other agencies to reuse great eLearning content.

  • Customization Options: Simple customization allows consuming organizations to personalize courses by editing specific sections such as welcome messages, case studies, contact information, and more.


  • Automatic Updates: Stay current with the latest course content by receiving automatic updates whenever the source organization makes changes.

  • Simplified Implementation: You can easily integrate syndicated courses into your Learning Management System (LMS) using provided instructions and digital files.


  • Accessible and Compliant: CourseAvenue ensures all eLearning courses are accessible and compliant with federal regulations and standards.

  • Accessibility Analysis: Need to know if your course meets accessibility guidelines? Run the Accessibility Analysis Tool for immediate answers.

  • Protection is included if your course fails a Section 508 review.

Participate in CourseAvenue’s eLearning Course Syndication Program

Contact us to learn how CourseAvenue content syndication can enhance your elearning training program. 

Already a CourseAvenue customer? Expand your training resources by adding the Syndication Manager to your CourseAvenue instance. When you request syndication access, you’ll get instant access to Section 508-compliant eLearning titles created by agencies such as the USDA and HHS. 

The CourseAvenue Studio Platform is fully featured: 


  • Enterprise view

  • Multi-user/teams based

  • PPT Import

  • Accessibility Analysis

  • Integrated Notes application



  • Shared Media Libraries

  • Custom meta-data dictionary

  • "Where used" utility

  • Single update - Multiple courses updated


  • Data warehouse of individual learner responses

  • Integrated with Authoring environment

  • Integrated assessments and surveys

  • Data Exportable to Excel

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