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CourseAvenue Deliver is a Learning Management System (LMS) for administering, tracking, and reporting of e-Learning courses created in CourseAvenue Studio.

CourseAvenue Deliver is an affordable, simple, and powerful platform for managing your online training program. With it, you can offer online training at a fraction of the cost of a traditional LMS.

Simple and Easy

With CourseAvenue Deliver your learners will easily find, launch, and complete their e-learning courses. It only shows learners what they need to see, while providing simple administrative control.

Features and Benefits for Your Organization

  • Web-based software: Learners access your CourseAvenue Deliver account from their office, home or anywhere they may be working online. Their courses can be viewed by any student who is online, using a standard browser with the Adobe Flash Player 6.0 or above plug-in installed. The Learner does not need of any additional software, add-ons, or upgrades.

  • Fully-hosted software: Your training content is always available. Our software eliminates software installation and configuring, in-house server requirements, firewall issues, and IT department installation delays.

  • Scalable: CourseAvenue Deliver easily fits the needs of both large and small organizations.

  • Modular: Module software provides expandability. Should you later need the capabilities of course analytic data collecting software, the CourseAvenue Analyze module can be added.


Features and Benefits for Your Learners

  • Clean, Simple User Interface; easier for your Learners to use

  • Effortless Course Enrollment; easy course enrollment procedures are always a plus for your learners—and reduces problems for you

  • Course Bookmarking; bookmarking within a launched course makes it easy for your learners to return later

  • Courses Taken Status; tracking, scoring and reporting of the courses taken helps your learners keep informed and reduces phone calls to you looking for updates


Features and Benefits for Your Administrators

  • Self Sign-up Options; turn on this option to simplify administration of your training environment

  • Learner Groups; assigning courses to these groups streamlines administration of your training environment

  • Private Branding; enables easy customization of the system with your organization's name, color scheme and logo

  • Seamless Course Delivery; e-Learning courses published in CourseAvenue Studio work seamlessly within the CourseAvenue Deliver Learning Management System

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