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NEEDS Assessment

e-Learning Assessment Service

New to e-Learning? Not sure what you need to achieve your goals? Our e-Learning experts can assess your current resources and capabilities and develop an e-Learning plan of action tailored to your needs.


A CourseAvenue Needs Assessment helps organizations of all sizes:

  • assess their training needs

  • define program objectives and goals, and

  • determine optimum solutions.

By leveraging our extensive background in this market, we'll give you a jumpstart on the process and reduce your overall risk in implementing a successful training program for your company.


e-Learning Planning


Strategic e-Learning planning answers the question, "What should we do?" It is the process of defining a direction and allocating resources—including capital and people—to pursue an e-Learning objective.

  • Optimize your corporate training efforts and resources

  • Match and align learning technology with strategic initiatives and business goals

  • Uncover additional audiences, revenue streams, and distribution channels

  • Define options for a blended learning approach

The overall goal of CourseAvenue's Needs Assessment is to review the current state of your training program, identify current and future requirements, and to offer recommendations that will allow your company to meet your training objectives.


Moving Forward


At the conclusion of a CourseAvenue Needs Assessment engagement, you will have a clear understanding of how choosing the most appropriate technology and implementing proper processes can ensure that your training program goals are met.

Services - Conversions



Legacy Course Conversion


CourseAvenue uses a combination of automated technology and e-Learning experts to quickly migrate legacy courses to a standards-based e-Learning platform.

Convert Old, Legacy Courses into modern e-Learning Courses


  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

  • DVD's

  • Multilingual Unicode Character Set

  • And more!

Future-Proofed So You Won't Be "Trapped" Again


Courses converted by CourseAvenue will be formatted in the XML open standard for easy reuse and future-proofing. Media assets used by the courses will be in an easily accessed folder.


Free Course Conversion Needs Assessment


The course conversion system starts with a free consultation to assess the current situation. Based on this assessment, an action plan is developed that is tailored to fit your specific needs.


We'll Help You Avoid Common Mistakes and Protect Your Bottom Line


We will plan the details of file and data conversions a successful transition requires. Our experts will simplify the conversion process and reduce the costs and headaches you might otherwise encounter. We will help you budget the time and money needed to succeed.

Services - Course Development




New Course Creation


Our professionals will assist you with all your e-Learning course development projects—from individual courses to a customized learning environment for your employees. If instructional design is needed, we can provide that too.


CourseAvenue: e-Learning Content Development Expertise

  • We work with your Subject Matter Experts (SME).

  • We apply sound instructional design principles to your courses.

  • We build graphics, interactions, and assessments.

  • And we assemble them in a proven, standards-conformant (AICC/SCORM)

  • e-Learning format, branding the courses for your organization.

Services - Accessibility



 Producing a WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 compliant eLearning course that can be created and maintained by anyone is not a simple thing. CourseAvenue  enables this.  

Importing a PowerPoint presentation into a Section 508 compliant, SCORM course?  No problem.

Creating Course Accessibility


CourseAvenue accessibility development services assist clients with creating new courses as well as re-purposing existing courses into e-Learning content complying with ADA, Section 508 (US), AODA (Canada) and DDA (UK) government regulations.


Examples of CourseAvenue Accessibility Services


By combining the use of our Accessibility Player with our professional e-Learning services, we offer:

  • Remediation Services — Converting and/or repairing legacy content.

  • Development & Validation Services — Complete e-Learning creation and 508 Validation.

  • Technology & Training — Leverage the CourseAvenue Accessibility Player and learn how to create and maintain your own Section 508 compliant e-Learning.


Complexity of Compliance and Making it Simple


Trying to build e-Learning courses on your own that comply with ADA, Section 508, AODA and DDA requirements for accessibility and that are usable can be costly, challenging, and complex.

CourseAvenue can develop accessible e-Learning content for you, and through a partnership with Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc., have it validated and up and running on your Learning Management System (LMS) quickly and cost-effectively. Instead of wasting time and money only to fail, hire us. We'll do it right the first time.


More About CourseAvenue Accessibility Player


To learn more about the CourseAvenue Studio Accessibility Player and the legal reasons why accessible e-Learning is important for your organization, select the desired link on the top left portion of this page.

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