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What happens if my elearning course fails to pass a Section 508 review?

Education is a fundamental right, and digital learning platforms have
the potential to make education more accessible than ever. With
CourseAvenue, Section 508 Compliance is Built-in Out of the Box.

When creating e-learning, Section 508 compliance is imperative, as noncompliance carries severe consequences. Organizations failing to make their content accessible create a divide between those who can access eLearning and those who cannot. Failing a Section 508 review can result in legal consequences, financial penalties, civil rights
violations, and reputational damage.


Unfortunately, most eLearning authoring tools burden the author with the burden of 508 remediation and understanding Section 508/WCAG.  The complexity of compliance means this approach is a non-starter for anyone other than seasoned programmers.


Section 508 Compliance is Built-In - Out of the Box

CourseAvenue is an eLearning authoring platform that generates Section 508 compliant learning materials - right out of the box. With CourseAvenue, all of the fundamental eLearning elements have all been pre-validated as Section 508 compliant.

This capability contrasts with every other authoring product where “Step 1” is for the author to become an expert in all things Section 508, WCAG, etc. And Step 2 is to figure out which of all of their “accessible” features will actually produce a Section 508 compliant course.

In CourseAvenue Studio, as users add their content, an integrated “Accessibility Analysis” tool can constantly analyze and alerts the author if there any accessibility issues have been introduced.

That is why so many Federal agencies are now using CourseAvenue to produce Section 508 compliant scale.

If you build a course using CourseAvenue and get “flagged” for Section 508 violations - the CourseAvenue support team will work with you (and the reviewer) until the issues are resolved.

It’s that easy. No more expensive remediation.

Want to try CourseAvenue? Have questions about producing accessible eLearning at scale? Get in touch today.

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Learn how:

  • Accessibility is built into every course.

  • Courses are easy to manage, edit, and update right out of the box.

  • No more guessing.

  • No more expensive remediation.

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