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Looking for help navigating the vast world of e-Learning?

CourseAvenue will help you blaze the trail to quickly turn information into education that is accessible to everyone.

  • Software to create and deliver online education.

  • Services to help you get things done.

  • Combine software and services to create a solution to fit your needs.

Learning Solutions

Not sure where to begin? 

What makes CourseAvenue unique is that first and foremost we are a learning solutions provider.  We also know that your needs are unique so: 

  • You may need our Software  - or maybe you don't.

  • You might need our Services - or maybe not.

  • You may just want to learn more about Learning Management Systems (LMSs), industry standards, content conversion, or accessibility and how we might help.  

Use the Contact Us button below to get started.



CourseAvenue Studio


Cloud-based software for collaborative development of accessible eLearning.

Fast Fact: Studio has been used to publish more than 1 million pages of eLearning content and assessments!

CourseAvenue Deliver


Simple yet powerful hosted learning management system for delivering and tracking eLearning.

Fast Fact: The average time to go from "new customer setup" to "go live" and deliver content to learners is 3 days! 

CourseAvenue Analyze


Detailed tracking and analysis of learner interaction responses.


Fast Fact: Analyze has been used to process millions of learner responses per month which is ~ 1.7 responses per second during work hours!



Needs Assessment

Where do you start?  What is your current state?

What is your desired state.

We can help you get from here to there...


We often hear something like this: "We have a bunch of Word documents and PDF's we need turned into education - is that possible" 


"We have courses that we can't edit - can you help?"

Short answers: It is possible and yes, we can help



From storyboard creation to instructional and graphic design to final course publishing - we have you covered.

Create a course, publish it and have learners self-register, take your course(s) and print their certificate? You have come to the right place!


 Producing a WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 compliant eLearning course that can be created and maintained by anyone is not a simple thing. CourseAvenue  makes it a reality!  

Turning a PowerPoint presentation into a WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, SCORM course?  No problem.


Accessible e-Learning


(əkˈsesəb(ə)l) - Able to be reached

CourseAvenue produces the most accessible (e.g. WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 compliant) eLearning available.


Hot Off The Press!


CourseAvenue Sampler Course deemed WCAG 2.0 AA conformant!

If you have tried authoring tools that claim to produce course output that would pass a Section 508 review, only to find that it was way, way off - give us a try!


As opposed to reading books on "How to Produce Accessible eLearning" - you can simply use our product as we built in Accessibility from the ground up.

CourseAvenue Studio is the only eLearning product on the market that has had its output validated as Section 508 compliant by an independent 3rd party -  learn more...

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