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Man in wheelchair at table - CourseAvenue eLearning and Accessibility Platform

Solve the challenges of creating accessible e-learning at scale

Build compliant e-learning content faster, review and approve, update, analyze, and track learner progress.

Creating Section 508 compliant eLearning is difficult.


The sheer number of technology layers that must work together is significant. An assistive technology layer (screen readers, for example) adds an entirely new dimension to an already complex landscape. Limitations are imposed to creativity and design when the intricacies of programming the technology for use with assistive technology is required by those unfamiliar with this ever-changing technology.

With CourseAvenue Studio, you avoid ALL of these issues because accessibility is built into every course, right out of the box.  Check out these important features:

If you can use PowerPoint, you can author Section 508 compliant eLearning.

The CourseAvenue Studio Aurora editor includes robust AUTHOR AND REVIEW features to provide a unique e-Learning authoring platform for developing, maintaining and reviewing  online training - all from your browser.

From simple courses to complex, learner driven branching scenarios, all with rich integrated assessments and surveys - you can do it all in Aurora.  

In addition,  the Aurora editor was built on a foundation of accessibility.  See our VPAT for more details but here are just a few of Aurora's  integrated Section 508 compliance features:

Smiling woman at desk - CourseAvenue eLearning and Accessibility Platform
  • Built-in Accessibility Analysis for item-by-item review of all text, graphics, audio, and video on every page

  • Keyboard accessibility for all navigation controls

  • Audio transcript window displays the text of any narrated page

  • In-text hyperlinks are differentiated and both keyboard and screen reader accessible

  • Accessible media controls

  • Accessible alternate text field available for media items

  • High-contrast color schemes used in the skin

  • Full accessible secondary windows for course tools, help files and glossary terms

  • Media control layout designed and maximize ease of use with adaptive technologies

  • Accessible course menu available at all times

  • Form controls identifiable by adaptive technology

  • Keyboard shortcuts to enhance keyboard use with non-visual screen reader “hints”

  • Rich user interface provides visually pleasing aesthetics to sighted learners while remaining completely accessible to non-visual learners

  • Screen reader focus provides logical, predictable progress through a course

CourseAvenue Author and Review Audio Transcript Sample

Expert developers appreciate the full array of options available for building advanced e-Learning courses ranging from Javascript API integration to a widget development toolkit to extend the platform to your heart’s content. 

Have your entire team work together and when done, deploy your education to any LMS (or use CourseAvenue Deliver’s full set of ENROLL AND DELIVER features so your content can be accessed by any device.

CourseAvenue Accessibility Report and Analysis Sample
CourseAvenue Accessibility and Analysis Sample

Need to know if your course meets accessibility guidelines?

Run the Accessibility Analysis Tool for immediate answers.

The CourseAvenue Studio Platform is fully featured: 


  • Enterprise view

  • Multi-user/teams based

  • PPT Import

  • Accessibility Analysis

  • Integrated Notes application



  • Shared Media Libraries

  • Custom meta-data dictionary

  • "Where used" utility

  • Single update - Multiple courses updated


  • Data warehouse of individual learner responses

  • Integrated with Authoring environment

  • Integrated assessments and surveys

  • Data Exportable to Excel

Man in wheelchair background - CourseAvenue eLearning and Accessibility Platform

Learn how:

  • Accessibility is built into every course.

  • Courses are easy to manage, edit, and update right out of the box.

  • No more guessing.

  • No more expensive remediation.

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Author, manage, track, and deliver accessible eLearning at scale. Schedule a demo today.

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