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CourseAvenue Deliver©

CourseAvenue Deliver - a super efficient learning management system that can be used for tracking the training of everything from a small group of people taking 1 course to hundreds thousands of learners accessing hundreds of course titles.

  • Deliver is an LMS "lite" - If you need an LMS to track competencies, manage career paths and maintain a complete talent/skills inventory - Deliver is not for you. 

  • CourseAvenue Deliver is an LMS-lite is for those who want to distribute eLearning, track "who took what", let learners print their certificate(s), and run administrative reports on the learner population (e.g. how many people have not started, are in progress and completed).  

  • Your Deliver site will be customized for your needs including custom url, branding, and custom fields and is completely mobile friendly. Learners can create their own accounts, manage their own passwords and course completion.     

  • If you are tired of trying to use a complete LMS for a targeted eLearning effort (and tired of the cost)​ - you have come to the right place.


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Quick Look

Deliver - QuickLook
Deliver: An easy to use powerful Learning Management System

Custom "Landing Page" &

Ton's of Learner Registration Options

  • Quickly configure Deliver with your branding and custom learner attributes.
  • Choose how you want to have your learners register and enroll in courses.  Some options include: 
    • Enable complete "self-service" where learners create their own accounts and are automatically enrolled in their assigned courses.
    • Or have an administrator manually add and manage learners
    • Or maybe bulk import some learners from a spreadsheet to get started then enable self-service going forward.
Screen imag of a page in apower point presentaton that has text a graphic, audio ad speaker notes
Screen imag of a page in apower point presentaton that has text a graphic, audio ad speaker notes

Simple = Better

  • Why have your learners wade through a complicated catalog and try to find the learning they need?  

  • Deliver enables each learner to be assigned and auto-enrolled in custom a custom workbook with all of the courses they need and none of the ones they don't!

Generate revenue from your content 

  • Using Deliver's unique "Access Code" model, you can easily configure your products and sell your access to your eLearning.  

  • Feel free to sell access codes from your website, print them for promotional materials, or sell in-person.  

Accessible AND on any  Device - ​

  • Deliver supports ALL learners.  If you are concerned with Section 508 and/or WCAG 2.0 compliance for your eLearning - Deliver is for you.

  • Deliver enables your learners to start courses on one device (e.g. their desktop), continue on a different device and finish on yet another.

Screen imag of a page in apower point presentaton that has text a graphic, audio ad speaker notes
Complete Administration & Reporting

Administrators manage learners, groups, courses, access codes and run reports.

  • Easily report on learner progress from enrollment data to completion status.

  • Export any or all of your data to Excel for even more advanced analysis.

What people are saying


Deploy Anywhere

Project Sponsor

"I saved a fortune in both time and money by using CourseAvenue Deliver.  I won't make the mistake of trying to use an overly complicated LMS again."

Learning Manager

"I needed to support a large learner population using a variety of devices, and have up to the minute reporting - CourseAvenue Deliver made it happen." 


"I was able to register, enroll and complete my training all in one sitting - all using my phone!"

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