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CourseAvenue Studio©

CourseAvenue Studio is a unique e-Learning authoring platform for developing online training. Studio was built with both beginners and experts in mind - all on a multi-user, web-based platform.



  • Expert developers appreciate the full array of options available for building advanced e-Learning courses ranging from Javascript API integration to a widget development toolkit to extend the platform to your hearts content.

  • Have your entire team work together and when done, deploy your education to any LMS (our use CourseAvenue Deliver), to be accessed by any device.

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Quick Start

Want a quick way to turn a presentation into an accessible, self-paced eLearning course?

Start with a standard presentation...

  • During the import process, Studio will breakdown the presentation into its individual elements (text, graphics, audio, speaker notes, etc. ).

  • Content will then be stored your the Studio account and media library.

Screen imag of a page in apower point presentaton that has text a graphic, audio ad speaker notes
Screen imag of a page in apower point presentaton that has text a graphic, audio ad speaker notes

Edit as you see fit right from your browser

  • Add instructional design elements

  • Drag and drop new media, edit, update text, etc.

  • Add knowledge checks, formal assessments and/or surveys

  • Move to a "team" and work with anyone on you want

Preview and Publish

  • Allow "reviewers" to preview the course before publish.

  • Preview from any device from a cell phone to a smart TV to your desktop computer

  • Publish for AICC/SCORM 1.2, 2004, "simple web" and/or CD/DVD

Why work alone?

Studio enables team based development

Instructional Designer

"I storyboard directly in CourseAvenue Studio saving an enormous amount of time..."

eLearning Developer

"Studio lets me focus on the content rather than trying to turn me into a programmer."

Project Manager

"Leading a CourseAvenue Studio project ensures everyone is on the same page.  Literally.  We are all looking at the same course at the same time."


Deploy Anywhere

Any device:

One course that supports:

  • Desktop 

  • Tablet (iOS or Android)

  • Phone (iOS or Android)

Multiple Browsers

  • Chrome

  • IE/Edge

  • Safari

  • Firefox

With "cross-device bookmarking"

Start the course on your desktop then resume on your table or phone.

LMS, Simple Web, DVD, For a fee?

How do you want to deliver your course?

  • Through a Learning Management Systems ("LMS") ? 

    • Track learner completion progress, enable bookmarking, and course completion/scoring  via AICC/SCCORM (1.2/2004) 

  • Need to track learners but don't have an LMS?

    • Check out CourseAvenue Deliver​

  • As a simple web (no tracking) module on a website?

    • Publish for "simple web"​​

  • Need to "hand deliver" your learning?

    • Deploy for CD/DVD delivery

  • Want to charge learners for access to your courses?​

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