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Woman in wheelchair background - CourseAvenue eLearning and Accessibility Platform

About CourseAvenue:
Accessible eLearning at Scale

It happens every day...imagine:

  • ​Being asked to "click here to continue" - but you don't have a mouse.

  • Asked to watch a video - but your speakers do not work.

  • Taking an exam - but you are unable to select any of the answers

  • Having to click 20 times to proceed to the next page.

The above are examples of "inaccessible" eLearning.  Thousands of pages of inaccessible eLearning are produced every day.  Many eLearning developers are completely unaware they are causing this frustration and many authoring tools make it all but impossible to remedy.

CourseAvenue is dedicated to enabling large-scale production of Accessible eLearning.*

CourseAvenue makes sure that:

  • The person who does not use a mouse can use a keyboard or their voice command software to "continue"

  • The video will be closed-captioned, the complete transcript will be there to read and if needed, the video will be audio described

  • The answers to the exam questions will be easy to select

  • The "next button" will  be accessible quickly and consistently

Want to learn more and/or see a truly WCAG 2.1 AA compliant eLearning course?  Contact Us below.


* Accessible eLearning generally means self-paced eLearning modules that may include text, graphics, audio, video and a wide array of assessment questions and interactions that is, by default, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

Man in wheelchair - CourseAvenue eLearning and Accessibility Platform

Learn how:

  • Accessibility is built into every course.

  • Courses are easy to manage, edit, and update right out of the box.

  • No more guessing.

  • No more expensive remediation.

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Author, manage, track, and deliver accessible eLearning at scale. Schedule a demo today.

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